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Weathersealing Your Home's Exterior Doors

John Payne discusses Weatherization on Entry Doors

It comes every year. The Midwestern Winter.

Are your doors going to make it the rest of the season?

手机版跑得快Our exterior doors take a beating every day and little by little, the pieces and parts that keep the cold air out and the warm air in, lose their magic. Cracks go unnoticed, gaps appear and friction eats away at an exterior door seal. The result? Outside elements sneak into your home.

There is a fix. It’s weathersealing your home’s exterior doors.

手机版跑得快Weathersealing, also known as winterizing and weatherstripping, takes care of those unwanted cracks and gaps by creating an airtight space. Whether it is in the form of a door bottom seal, a door corner seal or a door frame seal, the desired result is to stop air and elements from entering your home.

Utilizing weatherstrip seal products is a great way to regulate your home’s temperature and ensure unwanted moisture and air is not coming in from the outside. When applied properly, they can prevent your heating system from working overtime, reduce energy costs and lower your monthly utility bills.

Are you ready for a warmer home and the potential to save some money?

Let’s talk weatherstripping!

Benefits of Properly Weatherstripping Your Exterior Doors

手机版跑得快What do you have to gain from properly weatherstripping your exterior doors? A lot!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a household can cut energy costs by as much as 20% per year by sealing air leaks and preventing drafts. That means putting hard-earned dollars back in your pocket.

Saving money is a win but an exterior door seal will also prevent potential health problems by keeping moisture where it belongs…outside!

Sealing Air Leaks

手机版跑得快Keeping it airtight is what it’s all about!

Sealing air leaks is what the various exterior door weatherstripping types are are designed to do. From insulating with a foam door seal to installing a rubber door sweep, applying felt, Vstrips or utilizing a combination of products, an airtight environment creates comfort.

And! As a bonus, sealing gaps and air leaks means insects, bugs and creepy-crawly things aren’t going to find their way in either!

A word of caution, however, sealing air leaks behind door trim can be especially tricky. For best results, contact a qualified professional, such as Door Systems.

Preventing Drafts

Air comes in all the wrong places. Or so it seems when the weather is cold.

手机版跑得快Drafts can drop the temperature in your home and cause unnecessary wear and tear on your furnace. Get ahead of the breezy blues by installing a door draft seal, exterior door bottom seal or front door bottom seal.

There are many draft prevention products available, each with their own set of pros and cons. 

If you have questions, call us here at Door Systems. We’ve been doing doors for 50 years!

Preventing Moisture From Coming In

Keep it dry!

手机版跑得快An obvious leak will alert you that trouble is looming but moisture build-up due to an air leak or crack may not give any warning. Without a solution, however, the result of unwanted moisture can be problematic.

Constant moisture can lead to mold and mold can lead to health issues. Constant moisture can also damage wood and the structure of your exterior door. Best practice is to use a weatherstrip seal to prevent moisture from entering.  

For help with weatherstripping, contact a professional. Here at Door Systems, we handle the big projects and the small details.

At Door Systems, Inc., we are the Exterior Door Weathersealing Pros

Weathersealing is an affordable option, which will pay you back in energy efficiencies and household satisfaction. When done correctly, it is a long-term solution to sealing cracks, gaps, air leaks, preventing drafts and warding off moisture.

While basic weatherstrip seal elements can be part of a do-it-yourself project, there are specific products and application techniques that will maximize your investment… and …your cozy factor.  Most often, the many benefits require precision and technical expertise.

Not all doors are created equal. Some are standard, some are custom, some are in awkward places and some require an advanced door bottom seal or door corner seal. Measuring, ensuring the weatherstripping is tightly fitted and then properly secured can make the difference between sub-par results and results that really make a difference.

Here at Door Systems, we know the ins-and-outs of winterizing and how use weatherstripping products correctly. We’ve been maximizing door performance in Lee’s Summit, MO and the surrounding areas for 50 years.

手机版跑得快You can trust us for the best in start to finish weatherstripping.